Year 1 Home Learning


Studyladder (requires student password) - This site provides educational resources across a wide range of subjects.

Topmarks- This is a educational website for children that gives children the opportunity to learn online, through safe, fun and engaging games and activities.

Fuse- This website allows children to interact with games, resources, videos and more. It includes some interesting Science and Stem activities as well. 


Mathletics (requires student password) - Mathletics is a learning resource aligned to the Australian maths curriculum and content covered in class.

Maths Playground- Math Playground is a learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of problem solving activities. It provides a safe place for children to learn and explore math concepts at their own pace.


Count to 20 - This is an interactive game to practice counting to 20. 

Place Penguins - This interactive games explores Place Value 

Shark numbers - This interactive introduces ones and tens place value of two digit numbers. 

The following sites explore and introduce words used for reading and writing.


Picture Match 

High Frequency words